Learning C# in 15 Minutes

Learning C# in 15 Minutes

by Fatih DOĞAN, 27 Aralık 2018

I’ve come across these types of content on the internet over the years and always wanted to make my own, so here it is; I’m here to teach you C# in 15 minutes. Of course, you have to have a history with any type of OOP language (Java, C++ etc.) in general to get all this and make connections with your existing know-how. The whole purpose is to give you a cheatsheet to look at on your journey. If you believe you can learn any programming language from scratch in 15 minutes then your best bet would be to teach yourself C++ in 21 days

Alright then, let’s begin…

Let’s end it there. Please comment if you want me to include something that I haven’t yet.
Hope you enjoyed this, see you next time.



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